2009 Maritime and Port Security Summit:
Resiliency Planning in a Difficult Economy

In conjunction with the
2nd Annual University of Washington Conference on
Safety and Security Education & Research (SASER)

Bell Harbor Conference Center, Seattle, WA
May 28th and 29th, 2009

Aimed at all those who work in and around ports and the connecting rail and highway infrastructure, this years’ conference program will address maritime and port security and economic resiliency.Specifically, the agenda will focus on the land/sea interface-the maritime cargo port-and the impact events at our ports have on highway and rail infrastructure.

Disruptive events at the regions ports affect cargo movement throughout the region on our navigable waterways, on our intra and interstate road system, and on our rail system.Expert speakers, industry and regulatory policymakers and stakeholders from the entire spectrum of the transportation community will address these issues in an interactive, dynamic forum.


The audience will be made up of the following stakeholder groups:

  • Private Sector Maritime Interests:
    Commercial Vessel Operators, Marine Cargo Terminal Operators, Port Operations Personnel, Tug and Barge, Maritime Support Industries and Oil Spill Prevention and Mitigation.
  • Public Sector Maritime Interests:
    US Coast Guard, Public Ports, US Navy, TRANSCOM, Customs and Border Protection
  • Private Sector Transportation/Inland Interests:
    Trucking and rail community
  • Public Sector Transportation Interests:
    WSDOT, Cities of Seattle, Tacoma, etc., State Patrol, FBI, Other law enforcement agencies
  • Community Stakeholders:
    Growers and Shippers, (REI, Nike, Microsoft, Safeway, Target, etc.)

The Program will be segregated into two general areas of discussion: Maritime Security and Economic Resiliency.

Maritime Security:

  • Port Security, Private Sector Maritime Security Issues Coast Guard: The Way Ahead. A presentation on what the Coast Guard is planning 2-5 years out
  • Interjurisdictional Security Issues. How do various maritime regulatory and enforcement agencies and 'upland' agencies determine spheres or authority, responsibility and response?

Economic Resiliency

  • Recovery vs. Resiliency.  After response to incident, how do we transition to a resiliency role?  Does the way in which an agency responds affect resiliency? Should it? Cargo Security vs. Economic Priority. How and when do these two agendas conflict, and how we can address those conflicts to achieve and acceptable, economically viably 'compromise'.
  • Interjurisdictional Issues and Economic Prioritization

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